One Pastry Treat A Week Can Do No Harm

It happens so quickly. After just a couple of hours of hard work, the taste buds start talking to you and your tummy starts grumbling, stomping its own little feet inside of you. Yes, you do feel it and soon you find yourself being drifted away on your own feet to the nearest pastries schaumburg bakery. Yum-yum, the mind starts to wonder. It is playing tricks on the reader. What is it going to be this time?

Not the regular bag of donuts, always at a special cheap price, surely not that. And not the big Copenhagen, that would be a bit too much, so close to mealtime (thinking of ribs and mash tonight). H’mm, let’s have a chocolate eclair this time. The sweet tooth is talking to you now, and there’s also a nice dollop of cream ladled inside of the crunchy biscuit sandwich. Speaking of biscuits, there’s lots of baked goodies to take home with you for the weekend.

Who’s coming over for tea this time? Not mom and dad again surely. You can always un-invite them, think of something. You had to work, or you’re studying for an exam. In what? What do you say while you settle yourself down for the late night Saturday movie? And with a bag of crisps to go. But these are not just any bag of crisps. You got them from the bakery, of course. And they say these are a lot healthier than the usual.

pastries schaumburg

They’re baked in the oven, not fried in buckets of oil. But what about all the other goodies? What will the heart valves be saying about them? Well now, what must be will be. There’s always oatmeal cookies, bran muffins and gluten free breadsticks.