Tips for Attending Wine Tastings

If you’re a lover of wine then you’ve probably considered visiting a vineyard and going wine tasting. It’s an exciting adventure, but it can be overwhelming to individuals that have never been to one before. So that you don’t get too intimidated, let’s go over some tips you can use when visiting a wine bar redding ca and tasting the delicious selections available to you.

Dress Properly

Many people do not consider their clothing when it comes to their first wine tasting event, but avoiding certain colors and styles can result in more fun and comfort. Aim to wear darker colors, as these will hide any spills that occur during your tour. Comfortable shoes are also recommended as well as a purse or bag that you can easily carry around. If you have long hair, bring a hair tie just in case you need to keep it out of the way during your wine tasting.

Avoid Perfumes

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When it comes to wine, smell is a big factor. If you’re wearing heavy perfumes, it can mask the aromas of the wine and make it difficult to enjoy the flavor of it. Try to avoid wearing perfumes that could mingle with the smells of the wine and inhibit your ability to sense the flavor nuances. You don’t want to be the person that has everyone in the room wondering who smells.

Make a Plan

Before you embark on your tasting journey, have some sort of plan in mind. It’s likely that you won’t be able to taste every single wine option, so prepare a list of some of the wines you want to take a sip of. Look through the aisles, ask questions, and do research on your own to prepare for the evening.

By dressing properly, avoiding scents, and having a plan, you can have a great time at your wine tasting.